The 2024 European Elections sparked significant political developments. Citizens of the Old Continent were called upon to decide its future, though the high abstention in several EU countries did not go unnoticed.

A team of analysts from Clip News immediately utilized hundreds of thousands of data from the popular platform X (Twitter) through Brandwatch, a social listening and consumer insights interactive platform. The aim was to understand “what people said” about the issue over the past week, where did they focus, and which public opinion influencers stood out with their comments (read our first survey on the European Elections).

So, let’s find out what 120,000 tweets referred to this past week and see clearly what captured users’ attention in the final stretch towards the European ballot box.


Pre-election “Fever” & the Surge of Tweets

The European Elections garnered 121,820 tweets in the last 7 days, marking a 188% increase compared to the previous week. This significant rise underscores the intense public interest as the election date approached:

total twitter mentions

Analysing the tweets by day, a relatively steady volume is observed during the week, followed by a dramatic increase on election day, as is typically expected in national interest events:

twitter mentions by day  

Election Day on Twitter

A more detailed look at the data from Sunday, 9 June, shows an hourly analysis revealing a gradual increase throughout the day, peaking between 9 pm and 11 pm, the hours when the first results are announced:

twitter mentions sunday by hour2  

Influencers, hashtags & emojis

Public figures influencing the public discussion, such as the leader of MeRA25, Yanis Varoufakis, journalists Nikos Chatzinikolaou and Kostas Vaxevanis, as well as Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, stood out in the rankings based on the number of followers:

top twitter posters2

The presidents of SYRIZA and ND political parties, Stefanos Kasselakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, were the users mentioned (@) the most, as shown in the first column below. The top hashtags (middle column) included various variations of the European Elections, as well as specific hashtags such as #now_kke and #mitsotakis. Finally, in the third column on the right, the most frequently used emojis ranged from informative to highly ironic:

twitter insights  

The Power of Words in Highlighting Themes

The visualization of words, phrases, and hashtags in a cloud format provides an instant overview of the overall image captured on Twitter over the past week. The themes that emerge consist an invaluable tool for understanding the audience and a significant advantage for any brand using social listening tools. Among other things, a closer look identified the names of party presidents and MEP candidates, calls for abstention, the Tempi rail accident (2023), and judgmental emojis:

twitter word cloud  

Posts that Captured Users’ Interest

Comments that sparked intense interest and gathered hundreds of retweets include, among others, the names of candidates, references to postal voting, and statements by political figures:

top rt2  

Twitter Outside Greece

Outside the boarders of Greece, the top three English-language hashtags were the following: #euelections2024, #ep2024, and #useyourvote. References to various countries and flags reflect the pan-European interest in the elections. Specific words and phrases, such as European Parliament, vote, election, polls, and democracy, dominate the discussions, as shown in the following word cloud. References to political parties, such as SPD and AfD, as well as specific individuals, like Clare Daly, indicate discussions about specific local issues in Europe. In addition, there were spotted comparisons with the previous European Elections of 2019, and calls from both EU Twitter accounts (European Commission, European Parliament) and ordinary Twitter users to encourage citizens to participate in the electoral process (#useyourvote):

english twitter word cloud eu  

Deep Dive into Twitter with Social Listening

With a brief analysis, we captured the most important elements that stood out for the European Elections over the past week from users on Twitter in Greece. The topic exemplifies the usefulness of social listening tools nd the dynamics of public discussion. By continuously monitoring and analysing social media discussions, professionals in communication, public relations, and marketing, can access valuable information about their brand in real time.

Stay ahead of developments and leverage the capabilities of social listening to enhance your communication strategy. For more information, contact us today.


Analysis Identity

Online media data collection platform: Brandwatch (digital listening, social listening)
Date range: 04/06/2024 – 10/06/2024
Online medium: X (Twitter)
Keywording/Analysis: Clip News Team


The above analysis is an indicative approach, considering that variations in online media data sample and time frame could present different results.