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The growing volume of publicity data, especially in online media, is a challenge that every business has to face.

With many years of experience in Reporting services, quantitative and qualitative analysis of publicity, Clip News faces this challenge, providing you with reliable data-driven media intelligence services through a complete range of products that can satisfy your every need. Using new, innovative tools and focusing on technologies based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Clip News provides you with a new experience in evaluating your publicity, through reliable reports and data-based analyses (media data analysis). Reporting and Analysis services:


Reporting and Analysis Services:

– Give added value to the Monitoring you already receive

– Decrypt your presence in the media 

– Offer data visualization accompanied by explanations and insights for your actions’ optimization

 Guide the actions that will help you improve your image, in offline and online media

– Analyze the public’s attitude toward your company and/ or product

Compare your publicity with that of your competitors in order to formulate a complete marketing plan

The Reporting and Analysis services we offer are custom made to meet your every need. The Reporting and Analysis department of Clip News is staffed by journalists and analysts, with experience in publicity summary and analysis services from various sectors and sectors of the economy and beyond.

report & analysis


Compact Information for the entirety of your publicity.


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of your publications.


A big picture view of your media presence.


24/7 Reporting services for your every need.



Benefit from special prices, combining Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis Services to get a complete picture of your publicity.

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